Front Porch Door and Window Replacement Bere Regis

Our team visited the charming village of Bere Regis recently to carry out a front porch door and window replacement project for a residential client. Their previous porch was looking dated and a little worse for wear and they decided it was time to enhance their property with a modern replacement. The original timber and aluminium frame was removed, and a new UPVC sliding door and window unit with double glazing was supplied and fitted.

The UPVC material used for the door and window unit is durable and low maintenance, making it an excellent long-term investment for the homeowners. Unlike timber, it won’t rot or warp and it doesn’t require painting or staining to maintain its appearance.

Before Porch Repair

Bere Regis - Porch Replacement (before)

After Porch Repair

Bere Regis - Porch Replacement (after)

Double glazed doors and windows also provide excellent long term benefits. One of the most significant advantages is a high level of insulation, which helps to reduce energy bills by preventing heat from escaping. As well as this, double glazing helps to reduce outside noise, which is very beneficial for those in busy areas or near roads.

The client was very happy with the sleek and stylish appearance of their front porch and will enjoy their modern, energy-efficient replacement for years to come. If you require replacement doors or windows for your home, or your existing units are in need of double glazing repairs, including UPVC window repairs and UPVC door repair, get in touch with Fix-It Windows today.